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          "We have been trying for hundreds of years and a change is long overdue.�

          Deficiencies in the stockpile of testing kits, swabs, ventilators and protective equipment for medical staff marked the opening stanza of the pandemic in the US. It was a muddled and sometimes astonishing response embodied by Donald Trump, who predicted the virus would vanish in the April sunshine, squabbled with state governors and pondered the merits of injecting bleach or taking hydroxychloroquine, an unproven anti-malarial drug.�


          Bowing to Beijing: Pompeo berates HSBC for backing Hong Kong law�“Is that what a Black man’s life is worth?&nbsp;Twenty dollars?” Philonise Floyd said. “This is 2020. Enough is enough.”&nbsp;�

          Authorities established an exclusion zone of 1.5km (about a mile) and ordered a probe into the deaths of five people from the areas surrounding the field.


          The statement comes after the US State Department said it was disappointed at North Korea for suspending communication hotlines with South Korea on Tuesday.�

          Breaking news and updates - live: Lost autistic teen finally home; PM apologies for Centrelink Robodebt; Melbourne Black Lives Matter protester tests positive for COVID-1�

          On Wednesday, he tweeted that he would “not even consider” renaming military bases named after Confederate leaders,&nbsp;even though the Pentagon said it would consider the move. �For businesses on the state&#x27;s south coast, 2020 has been the worst year on record for trade with many closing their doors in December due to bushfires�恒信注册In NSW, 50 people will be allowed in pubs, clubs, cafes from Monday while beauty salons will open to 10 clients at a time�


          Norilsk Nickel says it has so far removed some 23,000 cubic metres of contaminated soil from the area and is working around the clock to remove the diesel from both rivers.The company claims that state-of-the-art containment booms have protected Lake Pyasino and beyond that, the Kara Sea, from contamination which they say is at maximum permissible levels.The company also says it believes the fuel container split as a result of melting permafrost and that it is now inspecting all other tanks across its enterprises to make sure they are stable.�恒信注册Adelaide Crows and Port Adelaide are playing on Saturday.(Getty)A crowd of 2000 spectators will be allowed at Adelaide Oval for the weekend&#x27;s AFL game.Saturday night&#x27;s game is a local derby between Port Adelaide and the Adelaide Crows.The 2000 will be seated in the general area. Another 240 will be allowed in private boxes.Police Commissioner Grant Stevens said it comes after 6000 people were able to protest &quot;in a relatively safe manner&quot; in Victoria Square in Adelaide.Further detail will be provided on Friday following the state&#x27;s transition committee meeting.There will also be announcements coming on Friday about lifting the state&#x27;s border lockdown and reopening larger hospitality venues and churches.It has been two weeks since the last coronavirus cases in South Australia.&#x27;Second wave&#x27;Deputy Chief Medical Officer Nick Coatsworth says health authorities will be closely monitoring potential spikes in infections after thousands of demonstrators attended protests against racism at the weekend.But he says people who attended the rallies in capital cities should closely monitor their health over the coming days.&quot;The earliest people start showing symptoms tends to be within the first week afterwards but It can be as long as 14 days,&quot; he said.&quot;They should be aware of any sort of symptoms they have that might indicate COVID-19 and get tested immediately. We know that the most important thing is that if you have symptoms the quicker you get tested the less likely you are to transmit the disease to other people.&quot;The President of the Australian Medical Association said protesters should self isolate for two weeks.Dr Coatsworth also says it is too early to consider fans returning to packed stadiums for sports games.&quot;You can be a little more controlled in a stadium, I guess, than you can at a protest. That&#x27;s an important thing to note as we consider going back to situations of decreased capacity in stadiums. But ultimately that&#x27;s going to be a matter for the states and territories but it is something we are considering now.&quot;READ MORE: UK government has worst rating for pandemic respons�

          Monument activism is not confined to Europe. In Brazil activists have suggested pulling down a statue of Manuel de Borba Gato in São Paulo. Borba Gato was a Brazilian bandeirante (explorer) and outlaw who roamed the country’s little-explored interior in the late 17th century, capturing indigenous inhabitants who were forced to work as slaves, making him a personal fortune.�




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