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          One year on, as the Kremlin tries to claim that it has contained another crisis, COVID-19, environmental activists are demanding a post-pandemic rethink of Russia's economic powerbase. "This is a great chance for Mr Putin to invest in a green recovery package in order to avoid such a situation in Russia again", says Mr Chuprov."To use this five trillion-ruble pandemic recovery package to grow new climate-friendly economics and sectors and not to support the oil industry anymore."�

          Read more</aside> Women across the Pacific are facing similar issues accessing sanitary products due to Covid-19. A recent report from Plan International Australiahighlighted severe shortages of female hygiene products, a sharp rise in prices of pads and tampons, and lack of access to basic information and services about menstrual hygiene management, during the pandemic“Covid-19 lockdowns are causing big problems for people who menstruate. Periods don’t stop during a pandemic, but managing them has become a whole lot harder,” said Susanne Legena chief executive of Plan International Australia.Women and girls from Fiji, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu reported widespread issues, with 22% of survey respondents from the Pacific saying they had noticed that period products had become more expensive since the start of the outbreak.“The price has gone 50 cents up since the Covid-19,” wrote one survey participant. “I have no issue with purchasing, but 50 cents means a lot for poor families.”“Sometimes I have to forgo buying hygiene products as money will have to be used on food and bills more,” wrote another. “Prices went up as soon as there was a confirmed case of Covid-19 in Fiji.”For AnneMary and Faith it was a choice they felt women and girls should never have to make. So they started a “dignity kit” campaign, supporting those affected by the twin crises of the pandemic and Tropical Cyclone Harold, which hit Fiji in April.“We didn’t realise the impact of our dignity kits until we distributed the first 300 kits to cyclone Harold- and Covid-19-affected families and communities. The feedback was very empowering and at the same time, saddening.“Women and young girls couldn’t access sanitary care items because of the cyclone, and the lockdowns and curfew had halted access for cargo to be freely distributed in the outer islands,” AnneMary said.�


          “I mean, I’m always anxious about that,” she said. “But I’ve never seen a multiracial uprising in my life like we’re seeing right now, and for all the anxiety I have every morning about what happens next, that gives me hope.”&nbsp;Eleven men have been charged in South Australia over an alleged armed motorcycle gang brawl on one of Adelaide&#x27;s busiest roads.SA Police allege the men who stormed a car yard on North Road yesterday afternoon are members of the Descendants Motorcycle Gang and were targeting a single individual.&quot;They all started brawling, a few people had poles, one person had a machete,&quot; witness and local store staff member Kala Brown told 9News.�George Floyd died in custody after a Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes, ignoring his protests of “I can’t breathe.”&nbsp;�

          Demonstrations have taken place around the world following the death of George Floyd


          In both cases, officials in Beijing said the warnings were due to racist attacks against Asians during the pandemic.�

          Ice-free Arctic summers now very likely even with climate action�

          The government will be issued 19.5 billion Hong Kong dollars ($2.5bn) worth of Cathay preference shares - whose holders are compensated before other shareholders in the event of a company going bankrupt - giving it a 6-percent stake. The government will also receive 1.95 billion Hong Kong dollars ($252m) in warrants, giving it the right to buy more shares at a specified price at a future date.�&quot;We&#x27;d love to have you back down here again but, in the meantime, as soon as we are able to, I ask Tasmanians to support their local community, go back to the simple things in life and take your holidays in your state until we can start flying elsewhere.&quot�摩杰平台直属Workers have been trying to cap the well since gas started leaking nearly two weeks ago, Tridiv Hazarika, spokesman for government-owned Oil India Limited (OIL), said on Wednesday.�


          Deficiencies in the stockpile of testing kits, swabs, ventilators and protective equipment for medical staff marked the opening stanza of the pandemic in the US. It was a muddled and sometimes astonishing response embodied by Donald Trump, who predicted the virus would vanish in the April sunshine, squabbled with state governors and pondered the merits of injecting bleach or taking hydroxychloroquine, an unproven anti-malarial drug.�摩杰平台直属As India reopens, one state outnumbers China in coronavirus cases�

          'Varying levels of severity'�




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